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What' s New?

15/12/2010 willow ID info added

15/12/2010 details of botanical training course

20/4/2010 bluebell survey form uploaded

20/4/2010 Hawkweed info added

20/4/2010 Newsletter #2 uploaded

8/3/10 Risk assessment updated

1/3/10 Calendar has been updated

1/3/10 2009 2009 butterfly report now available

1/3/2010 new Butterfly recording form for 2010

29/11/09 Sedge and grass course info added

29/11/09 more Links added

29/11/09 Extracts from the Wildlife Act added

29/11/09 Twig, grass and fern ID guides added

16/12/09 Sedge and bluebell ID guides added

16/12/09 Rare and extinct list added

12/11/09 Survey resources page added

12/11/09 Newsletter #1 uploaded

10/11/09 Tetrad map updated

10/11/09 Willow ID added (thanks to Amber Cordwell)

10/11/09 Butterfly recording request added

7/11/09 Grid reference link added

6/11/09 Website created


14-15/5/2011 IoM College Continuing Education Botanical ID Course

Contact Helen Kneale for further details

Telephone: 01624 695 776 (direct line, Tuesdays only)

Mobile: 07624 250901
Email: Helen.Kneale@liverpool.uk 

peacock butterfly

1/3/10 2009 Butterfly Survey

Gail and Stephen Jeffcoate have kindly supllied us with an electronic copy of their 2009 IoM butterfly survey. Click on the butterfly opposite to view it. To contribute to the 2010 survey use the survey form archived on the survey resources page.

29/11/09 Sedge and grass ID course

As promised at the recent open meeting, I have arranged a potential opportunity to get an experienced sedge and grass tutor over to the island on the weekend 10-11 July 2010. A maximum of 20 people will be able to attend, and there may also be scope to attend on only one day (subject to numbers and interest).

The trainer is called Chris Walker and both Andree and I have attended his courses at Preston Montford and can vouch for his expertise, relaxed teaching style and patience for rookie sedgeophiles.

Inital interest has been good and I am currently arranging travel arrangements with Chris. I still anticipate a maximum cost of £50 (hopefully less), which would cover a classroom session on the Friday evening and 2 full days in the field. (A similar FSC-run course would cost £225 not including travel and accommodation costs!).

A deposit of £20 will be required to secure your place on the course. As the Flora does not have a bank account we cannot yet accept cheques (we are working on this..... I will announce a final call for deposits early in the New Year.

chris walker
Chris Walker teaching sedge ID in Shropshire

10/11/09 Butterfly records

The Jeffcoates have asked if all butterfly records could be submitted by the end of November so that they can be checked and inputted over the holiday period and forwarded to the national BNM co-ordinator in time to be included in the 2005-9 quinquennium report. Records can be emailed or posted to Andree with the botanical records.

7/11/09 How to get a grid reference

If you have found a plant and haven't determined the grid reference in the field from a map or handheld GPS then this is a trick that I use when I get home! Click on the link (picture to the right) and zoom in to the area you were surveying. Click the 'satellite' box on the top right if you do not see the aerial photo similar to the image on the right. Click on the area you where you recorded the plant and an 8 figure grid-reference will magically appear on the left hand side of the screen. Don't forget to zoom in as far as you can as the level of detail provided for the Isle of Man is excellent.

map of Isle of Man grid ref

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